Vintage-Inspired Hayden Rib Knit Velour Track Suit by Anna Rewick

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Step into a groovy retro aesthetic with Anna Rewick's 'Hayden Rib Knit Velour Track Suit.' Inspired by the timeless allure of the 1970s, this track suit seamlessly merges comfort and elegance, perfect for the hip and modern trendsetter.

The zip-front jacket, adorned with a tasteful round yoke and raglan gathered sleeves, offers a relaxed fit, embodying an effortlessly chic look. Its side pockets add a practical touch, ensuring that you're always ready to go. Crafted from plush velour rib knit, this piece truly elevates lounge wear into a fashionable statement.

Matched with pull-on A-line pants, you'll discover a flattering silhouette that complements any body type. Its easy pull-on style is designed for ultimate convenience, ensuring your weekends remain as carefree as they should be.

Versatile and vogue, the Hayden Rib Knit Track Suit is the epitome of elegance, whether worn as a set or as stylish separates. Upgrade your weekend wardrobe and tap into a rich vintage vibe with this 1970s inspired ensemble – the quintessential choice for the sophisticated, style-conscious woman. The comfort of the velour rib knit, along with its sleek design, makes it the ideal lounge or weekend wear.  Sold Seperately.

Key Features: Jacket:

  • Zip front
  • Round yoke
  • Raglan gathered sleeves
  • Side pockets
  • Relaxed fit


  • A-line style
  • Easy pull-on design

Keywords: Vintage-inspired, Velour, Rib Knit, Track Suit, Comfortable, Lounge wear, Weekend wear, 1970s inspired, Stylish, Chic, Elegant.

Machine wash. Tumble dry.

CO 69% PL 28% PU 3%

“Model is 5’8” wearing a size S”

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